wistla wagon whereabouts:
British Style Collective

by George Williams


Driving the fashion crowd towards a sociable summer

From 7-9 July, the Wistla wagon will be up in Liverpool at the British Style Collective fashion festival. It is an immersive, interactive three-day event sweeping iconic landmarks across the city. Celebrating the world of fashion, beauty, music, wellbeing, fitness, health and education, there is an extremely jam-packed programme. 

In and amongst that programme you’ll find a talk by our very own Lexi Willetts and Donna Air. They’ll be discussing “a more positive future on social media” with host Antonia O’Brien. A topic they are world experts on of course.

What’s that I hear on the horizon? Oh yes it’s the next wave of social tech - sociable networking - ready to crash onto the scene. We’re very excited about being asked to speak here as it is yet another indication that the time is right for a sociable shake-up.  

But we won’t just be there wagging our chins, we’re also going to be building a British Style Collective (BSC) crowd. After such fabulous fashion experiences, you can’t just let everyone disperse. We hope to leave Liverpool on Sunday evening with a strong, bonded BSC crowd of fashion-hungry individuals. We’ll be growing the crowd by filling it with free give-a-ways, exclusive content and ensuring there are plenty of follow-up events to keep everyone connected long into the future. 

If you’re anywhere near Liverpool, come say hi. If not, keep track of the BSC crowd as it will be buzzing around London, particularly for fashion week. 

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