why you should break up with the gym

Let’s be honest, running on a treadmill like a hamster is no fun unless you’re doing it like this guy.

Whilst your efforts to lose weight at the gym are well-intentioned, traditional “weight loss exercises” are not worth the expensive gym membership. There’s an overwhelming amount of research which shows that lifting weights, using weight resistance machines and cardio machines are actually more harmful than you may think. Livestrong reports that lifting more than half your body weight can tear small parts of your heart’s aorta, and there is a strong link between weight training and heart problems.

Cardio machines on the other hand, don’t mimic but actually diminish the effort needed IRL (that’s In Real Life for the non-millennials out there). Makes sense, right?  But then what are we supposed to do to stay in shape?

We’ve discovered some ways to stay fit that don’t involve watching Netflix whilst pounding on the elliptical machine...


1. hula hooping

Pick up a hoop and spin that baby right round for the tightest core on the block.

Average calorie burn per class: 400-600

If you’re in NYC... Join Sheryl and Fitnotic Fitness every Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm in John Jay Park, located on 77th Street between York Avenue and the river

If you’re in London… Head to HulaFit to find your nearest Hula class

2. circus training

Learn to fly and tone your upper body at the same time at a Trapeze class.

Average calorie burn per class: 200-300

If you’re in NYC… head over to Midtown East and train with Aerial Arts for a dose of serious circus life.

If you’re in London… spend your summer with Gorilla Circus in Regent’s Park (yes, they install a huge trapeze in the middle of the park) or in North Greenwich over winter.

3. parkour

Unleash your inner Karate Kid and learn to climb the concrete jungle.

Average calorie burn per class: 300-400

If you’re in NYC...run with Movement Creative

If you’re in London...find your nearest class with the award-winning Parkour Generations

4. Roller Skating

Why walk when you can skate like these Roller Girls?

Average calorie burn per class: 750-900

If you’re in NYC… spend your weekends hanging out with Skaterobics in Brooklyn

If you’re in London...roll around with The London Skate Crew in your nearest park

5. Trampolining

Bounce off those carbs!

Average calorie burn per hour: 300

If you’re in NYC...check out JumpLife on Broadway for some serious trampoline fitness. If you’re really feeling like bringing out your inner child, hop over to Bounce! in Long Island for some serious trampoline fun

If you’re in London... Get seriously fit with Jumping Julia or head over to Oxygen Freejump in Acton for some more easygoing fun

The future of fitness is about getting out there, having some fun and definitely not counting calories. Sign up to Wistla to find out how you can get fit near you.


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