kickstart your music career

by Kit Findlay


The Worlds Biggest Independent Music Prize is offering a top prize of £50,000

Salute is launching one of the most far-reaching and exciting talent searches in the history of British Music.

For as long as I can remember the only real way to jump start your music career with a “short cut to fame” was to sign up to be exploited on one of Simon Cowell’s talent shows. In the hope of finishing with a 360 record deal from his label, Syco and having your individuality and what makes your sound unique stripped from you and replaced with the current Pop trend.

Salute Music Makers however have come along in balaclavas and smashed this little box of music competition that Mr. Cowell has controlled. Instead they have devised a project directly aimed at empowering and building with the grass roots artists around the UK.

The competition, live now, invites all unsigned songwriters, composers and producers of any genre to enter by submitting their song through the link above. After the initial process the Salute team along with selected curators will then agree on a final 100. This will then be reduced to just 6 finalists after a public vote.  These will all participate in the Salute Finals TV Show, a sure to be welcome move away from the aforementioned talent shows karaoke format.

Not only will the winner get £50,000, the next 5 finalists will each walk away with £10,000 to be spent however the artists want.

Having partnered with UNILAD, GRM Daily, and Global Local as well as got the support from Jamal Edwards of SBTV, Salute Music Makers is sure to be a hit with the real grass roots musicians wanting to progress their music careers while maintaining their core style.

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